Nominet helps People Know How boost social inclusion

4th April 2024

People Know How is Scottish charity that aims to improve wellbeing across communities by supporting people to overcome barriers and thrive. They deliver services locally in Edinburgh and the Lothians and engage in research and campaigning to effect change on a national scale. They also provide a national digital support helpline. Their work supports all parts of the community including children, young people, families and adults.

James Crisp from Nominet member CRegISP nominated People Know How for funding through the Members’ GiveHub in February 2023, resulting in a £10,000 donation. A further GiveHub application was approved in October 2023 for an additional £10,000 in funding to help the charity continue its vital work.

Reconnecting communities through digital wellbeing and support

The funding will help People Know How expand its digital support locally, partnering with local organisations to evidence the expanding digital, social and financial divide. This includes providing free digital and wellbeing support, as well as access to digital devices and affordable data packages in the heart of the community via collaborative partners in the local hubs.

People Know How’s Reconnect service uses a three-­faceted approach to digital inclusion, providing support through digital groups, one-­to-­one, and via the Connecting Scotland digital support helpline. Through these interventions, achievements include:

  • Increasing digital knowledge and employability options
  • Providing access to digital equipment and affordable connectivity
  • Making the internet become a natural, affordable addition to people’s daily lives in a secure, safe and productive way
  • Supporting programmes that are linked up so that people get the support they need beyond the digital inclusion work (e.g. employability, eHealth, further skills and learning, community cohesion support programmes)

“People Know How were thrilled to receive the news from James about the GiveHub Application. Addressing digital poverty involves more than providing better and more affordable access to digital devices and data packages locally. To make these solutions long-term, we must look at strategies to tackle digital poverty at a national level, and the implementation of policies that consider how and why digital inequalities are likely to exacerbate financial and social issues for families as a whole, and the need to design interventions that can benefit those most at risk of digital poverty.”

– Tanya Anderson, People Know How

Improving digital and mental wellbeing in the community

People Know How’s Reconnect service works at the grassroots of local communities to identify the needs of each community group and how local people can refine the digital and wellbeing support on offer. Ensuring diversity, equality, and accessibility to improve digital as well as mental wellbeing in the community is a key focus. Together with collating evidence locally, People Know How also collaborates with national partners to provide access to affordable data, digital devices and training. The charity is also campaigning to end data poverty through its Connectivity Now campaign.

“Social innovation is at the heart of People Know How and our aims to solve social issues. Having delivered support in the community since 2013, we strive to use our learning as a catalyst for positive social change on a larger scale. In order to achieve these aims, we recognise the power of collaboration and, in particular, collaborating across the four sectors – third, public, academic, and business.”

– Tanya Anderson, People Know How

“I am delighted People Know How has been awarded a grant through the Members’ GiveHub, and that we as members have the opportunity to nominate charities close to our hearts. Nobody in our society should experience digital exclusion and the money will have a real impact here in Edinburgh and East Lothian and support People Know How’s great work. Their social innovation approach aligns perfectly with Nominet’s purpose and public benefit and it, therefore, made sense to apply for a grant on behalf of this charity. Especially, since it was a straightforward process through a simple online form.”

– James Crisp, CRegISP

Reconnecting people and communities to close the digital divide

The impact of the Members’ GiveHub funding since February 2023 has been substantial, allowing People Know How to expand its reach supporting people currently digitally excluded to access technology and the internet. The charity is now able to continue empowering individuals and communities in Edinburgh and East Lothian, providing educational resources, job opportunities, healthcare access, and a platform for social connection.

“Applying via a member of a group/organisation is not only rewarding but eases the process considerably. The process also feels relatively smoother, not only because there are no passwords to use for an online application, but because you feel you know the funder more, and have an immediate, trusting connection, which is relatively rare for statutory/trust funds.”

– Tanya Anderson, People Know How

Reconnect service funding has truly helped to level the playing field and fostered inclusivity online. A number of new digital support groups have been created since February 2023, helped by the funding.

About the Members’ GiveHub

Every month, Nominet members can apply for up to £10,000 in funding per financial year to go towards an eligible UK-registered organisation that aligns with our commitment to making the world more connected, inclusive and secure. A total fund of £50,000 is available every month.

Applications are reviewed monthly by the GiveHub panel, made up of up to seven volunteers from the membership, who work closely with the Membership Engagement team.

To find out how you can get involved with the Members’ GiveHub and start making a difference, contact [email protected].

Image provided by People Know How