New technology solution implemented for routine ID checks

2nd May 2024

We are always looking to improve our customer experience, so we have implemented a new technical solution for ID checks. We are not introducing additional checks but are simply modernising the way we verify ID with a new provider. These checks are important to ensure we are always acting with the appropriate authorisation in relation to .UK domain names.  

We will start to introduce this solution where there is a need to verify the person or persons making a request, for example if a registrant has lost their log in details for Online Services and needs to reestablish their identity. This new solution is intended to simplify the journey for our customers whilst also maintaining a high level of security and protection across the .UK domain space. The solution provider is called Mitek, an established organisation that also provides similar services to several UK banks and payment providers. 

If we need to verify ID, we will send an email to the registered account holder with full instructions on how to complete the ID verification checks. The checks can be completed in stages using mobile and desktop applications or across both.   

As always, we would strongly encourage any customers who have any doubts regarding the authenticity of any email sent by or on behalf of Nominet not to click on any link within the email and contact our customer support team on 0330 234 9470.   

We have published a full list of FAQs on our website and further information about Mitek can be found here

Note: This blog, originally published on 02/05/24 was updated on 09/05/2024 with additional detail.