Nominet launches WaveDB Explore to support Wireless ISP Deployment of TV White Space in the UK, US and Beyond

12th February 2019

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12th February 2019, OXFORD: Nominet today announces it is launching WaveDB Explore, a channel availability tool, which enables wireless ISPs (WISPs) in the early stages of planning TVWS deployments to establish where TVWS will have the most impact.

This announcement follows the approval of Nominet as a TV White Space (TVWS) Database Administrator by the Federal Communications Commission in the USA, and builds on Nominet’s  partnership with Microsoft as part of its Airband Initiative, to help deliver TV White Space (TVWS) deployments in the US and Africa to support more affordable and accessible connectivity to broadband in rural areas.

With a focus on bringing reliable broadband connectivity to hard-to-reach areas, TVWS solutions – utilising unused broadcast frequencies freed up in the digital TV switchover – have the potential to bring social and economic benefits for consumers, as well as expand opportunities for Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) networks.

As the TVWS signal can travel through permanent obstacles such as trees and light structures, as well as uneven terrain, there are many network operator advantages. These include line-of-sight not being required; up to 30km of outdoor connectivity being achieved; no need for complex infrastructure; no need to change radios if the rules to access change slightly; and it enables new business models.

Mike Davies, VP Business Development at 6 Harmonics – an international telecommunications company headquartered in Canada – said “Nominet’s leadership in spectrum management databases for TVWS has been significantly enhanced with the development of its WaveDB Explore platform. We are using WaveDB Explore to deliver solutions to communities in rural areas in both the UK and in the US. Our subscription to WaveDB Explore builds on the Nominet TVWS database, allowing us to visualise our network design and to perform feasibility studies to learn how to get the best out of TVWS. The real-time channel availability helps us to quickly & cost effectively, identify areas that are ripe for deployment of TVWS, providing valuable information such as topography and terrain profiles, demographics and existing TVWS channel availability.”

WaveDB Explore allows WISPs to:

  • Find real-time channel availability, tailored to different country regulations
  • Quickly and easily visualise network design
  • Search by location (address or coordinates)
  • View demographics and broadband availability to assess economic viability
  • Visualise area topography and terrain profile
  • Display coverage maps for TVWS radios
  • Show incumbent information

Adam Leach, Director of Emerging Technology, Nominet, said: “Too few remote communities are benefitting from the potential that decent broadband connection provides – access to economic, social and educational benefits for example. Progress in closing the rural broadband gap has slowed in recent years as high costs, the absence of new and alternative technologies, and market and regulatory conditions have hampered efforts to expand coverage. The impact in the US is 24 million Americans lacking an adequate internet connection.

“The good news is that the technology has evolved, and the stage is set for TVWS to help bring affordable, reliable broadband to rural America. We hope that WaveDB Explore will help WISPs develop this cost effective and easy-to-implement solution in the US and elsewhere.”

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WaveDB Explore can be purchased on a yearly subscription online for $1499 per annum.

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