Nominet to provide secure data exchange for autonomous vehicles

24th April 2017

Nominet is part of a three-year project exploring the infrastructure required to support the widespread use of autonomous vehicles.

The project, DRIVEN, is one of the first trials of ‘Level 4’ autonomous vehicles in the UK, where the driver does not need to watch the road or hold the steering wheel.  The trial explores the real-time assessment frameworks essential for the legal and safe use of automated vehicles. The project will include six vehicles trialled in urban areas and on motorways between London and Oxford.

Nominet will be providing trusted and secure data exchange for real-time transactions, including a framework for security and privacy, vital to future development of autonomous vehicles.

Russell Haworth, CEO of Nominet said: “For autonomous cars to become mainstream, the correct framework must be in place to so they can run safely and effectively. Working as part of this strong consortium, our team will be part of work that helps tackle those infrastructure challenges and keeps the UK at the forefront of this exciting field.”

DRIVEN is a consortium led by Oxbotica and other partners include Nominet, Oxford Robotics Institute, XL Catlin, Telefonica O2 UK, TRL, the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s RACE, Oxfordshire County Council, TfL and Westbourne Communications. DRIVEN has received a £8.6m grant awarded by Innovate UK.