Nominet’s spectrum management expertise to advance TIP’s OpenCellular

13th November 2019

Nominet today announces it is working with the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) to help develop OpenCellular, the open source wireless access platform.

OpenCellular aims to improve connectivity in remote areas of the world by reducing the cost of putting the necessary infrastructure in place.  OpenCellular will benefit from Nominet’s expertise in TV White Space, dynamic spectrum access and its WaveDB platform – which can support different frequency bands and regulatory domains.

As spectrum sharing is key to enabling delivery of cellular services in remote areas, Nominet will play an important role in the project group by contributing to the development and subsequent implementation of open source software components of the wireless architecture.

Nominet’s contribution will be three-fold:

  • Technical: By contributing to the development of open source software components of the architecture and the definition of protocol standards​;
  • Regulatory: By collaborating with operators and technology providers and other stakeholders to inform regulators and policy makers on ways to increase the efficiency of spectrum use in particular for rural communities through spectrum sharing. This will allow OpenCellular to effectively use TVWS and IMT bands according to rules approved by regulators.
  • Commercial: By contributing to the development of business models that can make the ecosystem sustainable and affordable.

The OpenCellular project aims to ensure cellular connectivity is more affordable and therefore adopted more broadly. The open source platform is designed to support a range of communication options, from a network in a box to an access point supporting everything from 2G to LTE.

Kashif Ali, Chair of TIP’s OpenCellular Project Group says, “We’re excited to welcome Nominet to the OpenCellular project group and look forward to their contributions as a TIP member. Their work will help us fulfil OpenCelluar’s mission of enabling better rural connectivity, which has the potential to dramatically improve the lives and economic opportunities of people living in rural regions.”

Pasquale Cataldi, VP Wireless Technology at Nominet says: “We are looking forward to applying our experience in TVWS and spectrum management for OpenCellular, with the end goal to ultimately get more people connected. Multiple options for connectivity is a good thing, and spectrum sharing will enable more open use of that. Having access to mobile spectrum increases the options for rural communities allowing them to deploy cellular networks more affordably – and our WaveDB platform provides a reliable, scalable and flexible starting point.

“As a company committed to initiatives that promote inclusivity, connectivity and security online, we are focused on bringing reliable connectivity to hard-to-reach areas as too few remote communities are benefitting from the potential that decent broadband connection provides. Only by playing our part in sharing our expertise to develop affordable new technologies will we help enable this.”


About Nominet

Nominet has been at the forefront of innovation for over 20 years through its internet registry solutions, cyber security services and dynamic spectrum management. Driven by a commitment to use technology to improve connectivity, security and inclusivity online, Nominet is a profit with a purpose company supporting initiatives that contribute to a vibrant digital future.

Nominet’s channel availability tool WaveDB Explore enables wireless ISPs (WISPs) in the early stages of planning TVWS deployments to establish where TVWS will have the most impact. Nominet is also approved as a TV White Space (TVWS) Database Administrator by Ofcom in the UK, by the Federal Communications Commission in the USA, and is  working in partnership with Microsoft as part of its Airband Initiative to help deliver TV White Space (TVWS) deployments in the US and Africa to support more affordable and accessible connectivity to broadband in rural areas.

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