Peering with Nominet

Nominet is the registry for .uk, .wales and .cymru, as well as the registry services provider for a number of other top level domains.

Nominet is also the authoritative DNS nameserver services provider for these top level domains.

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Nominet operates two ASNs:

  1. AS8683 advertises the prefixes associated with Nominet’s corporate and registry systems
  2. AS43519 advertises the prefixes associated with Nominet’s authoritative DNS nameservers

AS8683 advertises a full set of prefixes to the route server(s).

At the current time, AS43519 does not participate at peering exchanges but this is planned soon.

Nominet does not require a formal peering agreement between participants, but in order to peer with Nominet, you should meet the following policy:

  • Applicants downstream of existing peers should demonstrate significant mutual benefit to direct peering
  • Multiple interconnects are preferred
  • Nominet has no bandwidth or ratio requirements
  • Neither party will re-advertise routes to non-customer third party networks
  • The applicant must not attempt to route traffic towards Nominet for any prefix(es) not advertised via BGP
  • Neither party shall restrict, or otherwise tamper with, traffic legitimately destined for the other party
  • The applicant should demonstrate good reason for not receiving the Nominet prefixes from the route servers
  • Nominet reserves the right to suspend any or all peering sessions without prior notice in the event that the peer network is causing operational or material damage to the Nominet network or systems. Any session(s) suspended in this manner will be restored as soon as both parties are satisfied that the issues are resolved
  • Nominet reserves the right to terminate any peering at any time with 30 days notice
  • Nominet reserves the right to refuse peering to an applicant based upon commercial, operational or technical concerns
  • Nominet expects peers to maintain their PeeringDB record(s)
  • Both parties will register and maintain correct route, route6 and other related objects in an IRR database
  • Interface costs are the responsibility of the individual parties
  • Cabling costs shall be shared between the parties for direct peering
  • Cabling costs at peering exchanges are the responsibility of the individual parties
  • The applicant must operate a 24x7x365 NOC which can be contacted by email or telephone. These details must be received before sessions will be configured.
  • Contact [email protected] with any queries or requests to peer in line with this policy criteria

Nominet maintain the following PeeringDB records:

  • AS8683 (link to
  • AS43519 (link to