#RESET Mental Health Programme

Introducing the Nominet #RESET mental health funding programme

The #RESET Mental Health Programme is a large-scale programme providing grant funding for up to 18-months into two key areas of the system surrounding young people, and forms part of our ambition to improve the lives of 1 million young people a year.

Our #RESET Mental Health Programme Partners - Digital Services


Nightline Association

To take their services to the next level, Nightline Association need to go on a journey of digital transformation. Their goal is to invest in building an intelligence dashboard and test new ideas using their growing digital platform. It’s hoped that, through the funding, Nightline Association will be able to support even more students each year collaborate better across their entire network, sharing knowledge and insights with each other and the wider university population.

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stem 4


stem4 will increase their digital capacity; building their digital team and marketing outreach, as well as better measure the effectiveness of their apps. It is hoped that through these core activities, the stem4 portfolio of evidence-based apps are more sustainable and able to reach even more young people, with support specific to their needs.

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The Mix

The Mix

The Mix have piloted a Triage Tool which can be embedded on the websites of schools and universities, allowing young people a shortcut to accessing their services. Through broadening the reach of the triage tool, the expert support services from the Mix will be available to far greater numbers of young people on the platforms and on sites they are already accessing, resulting in an improved mental health support journey for young people in a much wider range of settings.

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YoungMinds will improve how you find and navigate their website and improve the content to help young people find what they need, when they need it, allowing them to take practical, actionable steps to help themselves and their peers. Using their content as a service, YoungMinds expect these improvements to their site to support many more young people and benefit from, their expert online resources.

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Place2Be will offer a wider range of better targeted, well integrated interventions, to deliver greater and more cost-effective impact for more children and young people. It is hoped that, through the funding, Place2Be will be able to introduce an online support platform for parents in all of the schools it supports, and build in-house skills that will form the foundation to establish digital platforms as a core vehicle for its service delivery.

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Our #RESET Mental Health Programme Partners - Digital Patterns and Pathways

Anna Freud logo

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

The Anna Freud Centre’s youth-facing website, ‘On My Mind’, needs to evolve to become the go-to source for the best information and signposting for young people at any stage of their mental health journey, including building an evidence base for what works on and through the site to inform future development.

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Chasing the Stigma logo

Chasing the Stigma

Chasing the Stigma run the Hub of Hope, a digital signposting tool. Its aim is to undertake developments to the tool which will allow it to partner with national public/private organisations and therefore reach many more people seeking mental health support through different channels.

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Barnardo’s and Snook

'Design Patterns for Mental Health' is an online library of best practice guides to help organisations develop digital mental health services. Our funding will expand the library and create a dedicated section for the youth sector. The hope is that this will make developing new services cheaper, better clinically evidenced and easier to implement for the entire sector.

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Developing the #RESET Mental Health Programme

Hear from some of the charities involved

Sarah Drummond, CEO & Founder at Snook and Jason Caplin, Director of Design, Data, Digital and Technology at Barnardo’s

Jake Mills, Founder & CEO at Chasing the Stigma

Dr Nihara Krause, Founder & CEO of stem4

Sophie, Young Champion at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Joe Martin, Trustee at Nightline Association 

 Sarah Drummond, CEO & Founder at Snook 

Emma Thomas, Chief Executive at YoungMinds

Jason Caplin, Director of Design, Data, Digital and Technology at Barnardo’s

Ross Handby, Deputy Director of Digital at The Mix

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