Additional Domains

Alongside our flagship domains we manage and run a number of additional second-level domains.

Other domains we manage

The domain for limited companies. This is a restricted Second Level Domain (SLD) available to registrants who pass a test outlined in the Rules for the Registration and Use of Domain Names. The restrictions work with the system Companies House uses and mean that companies should always be able to have a domain name which closely matches their company name – and has not already been taken.

Just like, this is a restricted SLD that can only be used by registrants able to meet the criteria set out in the Rules for the Registration and Use of Domain Names. The criteria are designed to work with the system used by Companies House. So companies should always be able to use a domain name closely matching their company name, which has not already been taken.

The restricted SLD domain for Internet Service Providers. Anyone who wishes to register a domain must meet criteria highlighted in the Rules for the Registration and Use of Domain Names. This means that domains can take longer to issue than and domains, which are fully automated.

The domain specifically for schools. Because many schools share similar, if not identical names, geographical areas are used as third level domains to differentiate between them. For example,

You can find more information about domain names here.

The SLDs that other organisations manage on our behalf include:

The domain for academic institutions, such as universities. This is managed by the Janet Network via JISC.

The domain for government bodies. The HM Government Cabinet Office manages, while The Naming and Approvals Committee (NAC) approves applications. You can find details about the application process on the government’s official website. and

The domains for the UK Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence establishments and systems. You can get in touch with the managers for these domains via [email protected].

The domain for NHS organisations and trusts. Contact domain management via [email protected].

The domain for use by the Parliament of the United Kingdom and the devolved national parliaments and assemblies. The Parliamentary Digital Service manages and approves applications.