We’re a membership organisation with around 2,500 members. Each one is hugely valued – and together they help shape the way Nominet is run.

They do this by:

  • Voting on resolutions at our Annual General Meetings (AGMs), either by attending in person or by proxy
  • Electing Non-Executive Directors to the Nominet Board
  • Joining in with online discussions on our Members Forum, and sharing views and ideas about how Nominet should operate.

Anyone with an interest in the internet can become a member. They just need to pay a one-off joining fee followed by a yearly subscription fee. You can find a full list of our members here.

Read on to find out more about the roles and responsibilities that come with joining Nominet, and how to apply.

Why join Nominet?

Members are entitled to a number of benefits:

  • Discounted registration and renewal rates are available to members that apply for a TAG and set up a credit account with us
  • Registrar members may get access to our subscription-based Domain Availability Checker which will enable you to make high volumes of queries about the availability of domain names
  • Our multi-year registration functionality allows registrar members to register domain names with registration periods other than the standard two years
  • You can establish a link to your home page from the List of Members on our website
  • A copy of our Annual Report and Accounts is available to all members
  • Access to the .UK zone file
  • turingEssentials
  • UK Doman Categorisation (UKDC)

2017 event Programme

We have a range of events throughout the year for Nominet members to attend.




28 February Member Open Day Oxford
8 March Webinar: Promotions Online
24 March Member Lunch Leeds
7 April Webinar: Meet the member elected NED candidates Online
16 May Member Lunch Bristol
22 June Member Lunch Birmingham
5 July Webinar: Search Engine Optimisation Online
11 July Member Registrar Conference London
12 September Member Lunch London
28 September Member Lunch Edinburgh

Member lunches are attended by senior Nominet members of staff and are an opportunity to network with peers and learn about Nominet initiatives.

Member registrar conferences are an opportunity to learn and discuss key business and industry issues along with sharing your feedback and views with us.

Webinars focus on specific products and services as indicated in the schedule.

Updates on upcoming events are sent by email to the Nom-announce contact on the member’s account and posted on the Member Forum.

A symbol of trust

If you’re a member, you can display our logo on your website and printed materials to show you’re part of Nominet. Read up on our Terms of use and Membership Logo Usage Guidelines first, then apply to use it through your Online Services account.

The Members’ Code

As a member of Nominet, you’ll have to follow our Members’ Code. This sets out the professional standards required for membership, as part of our commitment to make the internet a more trusted space.

Have your say

Join discussions about the company and the domain name system on our Members’ Forum.

Our Board and Management Team may read and contribute to the forum – but their comments shouldn’t be taken as official statements. Our staff can also access discussions, but their involvement is usually limited to clarifying facts and correcting inaccuracies, rather than responding to questions. Remember, any views expressed here may not represent the views of the majority of the membership.

If you’d like to use the Members’ Forum, we’ll ask you to follow these terms.

Electing non-executive board members to the Nominet Board

As a member, you’ll have a say over who makes up the Nominet Board. Read up on your voting rights here, including the bye-law for electing non-executive directors. You can find out more about the elections process and recent results in our AGM section.

Ready to apply?

If you’d like to join Nominet, you’ll just need to complete our application form and pay a one-off joining fee of £400 (plus VAT). There’s also an annual subscription charge of £100 (plus VAT) if you’d like to continue your membership.

The membership year runs from 1 August to 31 July. If you join after 1 February, your first year’s subscription charge will be reduced to £50 (plus VAT).

Apply to become a member