Have your say on our proposed Articles of Association

7th June 2023

Andy Green CBE headshot

Andy Green

We want to bring our Articles of Association up to date, to more clearly explain how the company operates today and build a stronger foundation for the future. These documents were first created when the company was founded in 1996, and so it’s important that they are modernised to reflect current practice and legislation. 

Today, we’re opening the consultation on our proposed Articles, including how we could improve them. Nominet members will be able to provide their feedback until the 9th of August. Our board members will be available to discuss this work with members and answer any questions. 

We want to make this right, and so we encourage all our members to tell us if there is anything we can improve on, have overlooked, or remains unclear. Equally, if you are supportive of the changes proposed, let us know. Following the consultation, we plan to table updated Articles of Association for members to consider at the next AGM.  

As part of the consultation, members will also be asked their view on whether or how our governance arrangements could evolve further to understand if there is a consensus around more substantive change in future.   

You can find the proposed Articles, and the consultation document, along with supporting information, on the Nominet website. 

We want to thank you in advance for helping us ensure our constitutional documentation is improved and represents a solid foundation for any changes in future, and look forward to hearing your views.