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The commercial team are focused on meeting our customers' needs in a rapidly changing business environment and ensuring the long-term growth of Nominet. Working across the business they bring together the work of our business development, channel relations and marketing and communications teams.


Our operations teams are where many of the vital day to day tasks that keep our organisation running smoothly happen. From customer service to policy development, finance to human resources, the department pulls together a number of teams who are all committed to delivering great service, to adding value, and to continually improving the way we work.


The Technical Department is at the heart of the technology behind .uk, delivering one of the largest, most advanced and resilient authoritative DNS services in the world. In addition to managing the DNS, the team is tasked with supporting the IT needs behind a fast moving technology business, designing and building innovative solutions to business challenges. The research and development activities of the team underpin Nominet’s growth as a business as well as its public purpose mission, helping to improve the very fabric of the internet and solve resilience and security challenges that affect every internet user around the world.


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