How we develop .UK policy

Our .UK policies are developed in consultation with a wide range of interested parties and stakeholders and there are many ways you can get involved. You are welcome to suggest existing .UK policies for review, new policies for development, or you can give your feedback regarding ongoing policy discussions.

We publish consultation documents for comment and will often provide additional research and analysis so that both stakeholder contributions and our decisions can be informed by evidence.

We welcome a range of views and may reach out to particular stakeholder groups to gather input, issue calls for expert views on specific topics, or invite affected stakeholders to attend roundtable forums or webinars to discuss specific policy issues in more detail. These processes allow us to ensure that our policy decisions are informed by an understanding of how changes might impact upon different stakeholder groups.

When a consultation process closes we will publish a summary of the feedback received. You can see a list of any policy discussions that are open for feedback and contribute your views.

The Nominet Stakeholder Committee

We are supported in our policy work by a committee, which includes experts from the domain name industry, business, the public sector, consumer organisations, and academia. The committee meets throughout the year.

The role of the committee includes:

  • Being advocates of the .UK policy process and our open consultative approach to policy development
  • Horizon scanning and advice identifying policy issues relevant to the environment Nominet operates in across all its business areas and acting as a sounding board for Nominet’s assessments of these policy issues and impacts
  • Supporting Nominet in its management of the .UK policy process by:
    1. Helping to raise awareness of our policy discussions.
    2. Identifying stakeholders who may be interested in a specific policy discussion or be impacted by a particular policy decision.

Who are the committee members?

You can view details of previous consultations

Previous policy discussions & consultations

Contact us

You can contact us regarding specific .UK policy issues by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us on +44 (0) 1865 332211

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