Domain Support

Your registrar (the company you use to register your domain name) is the first point of contact for any domain advice you may need. They can help you update your personal information and even move your domain to a new registrar. They may also offer other services linked to your domain name, such as web and email hosting, and keeping your personal details secure.

Your registrar will provide you with domain name support, and can update your details for you in our country code registry. This means you should contact them for help with the following:

  • Updating your registration and contact details
  • Renewing your domain name
  • Changing your registrar
  • Changing name servers
  • Website and email support

Nominet provides an online tool to help you manage your domain. Online Services gives you the power to manage your domain, quickly and simply, all in one central location.

Online services FAQ


We understand that needs can change – and you might wish to move to a different registrar.

As your current registrar has access to our registration and domain management systems, they can usually arrange to move the domain name for you very quickly.  Please contact your current registrar to discuss moving your domain name.

You should let your new registrar know you are moving the domain name to them, as some registrars need to approve and accept this.

If, however, your current registrar is unable to complete this change for you, you can move your domain name to a new registrar here using your Online Services account. A switch to a new registrar costs £10 plus VAT, even if you’re moving more than one domain name.

You can find advice on choosing a new registrar.

If you are changing the registrant name for a domain completely, you need to perform a Registrant Transfer. For example, you might be selling your business or domain name to someone else, transferring it between two different individuals, or transferring it from an individual to an incorporated company.

Some registrars may be able to complete the transfer for you. Please check our list of registrars; if yours is shown as ‘Accredited’, please contact them to see if they can complete it for you.

If your registrar is unable to complete the transfer, you can start this process yourself using your Online Services account. Our transfer service costs £10 plus VAT, even if you’re transferring more than one domain name. During the transfer process, the new registrant can choose to move the domain name to a different registrar. If they wish to do this, the transfer will not be completed until the new registrar accepts this request.

If you find that you need to change any of your contact information, please do this through your registrar – they’ll be able to update the details we hold for you in our registry.

Alternatively, you can update your details directly with us using your Online Services account.

This includes updates to the current registrant name for minor corrections or alterations, such as correcting spelling mistakes or changes to the current registrant’s name. Examples might be a change to an individual’s name through marriage or deed poll change, or changes to a company name where the company’s registration number remains the same.

Any changes you make to a registrant name will need to be approved by someone who works at Nominet, so please include the reasons for the update. If you use the Online Service to update your details, you’ll need to get in touch with your registrar to make sure they have your updated details too.

If you are changing the registrant name completely to a different person or company, for example you have sold your business or domain name to someone else, then you need to follow the Registrant Transfer process instead.

When you register a .uk domain name, you’ll be able to use it for a period of anything between one and 10 years. After this term has finished, you can renew your rights to it for another set period.

Renewing your domain registration takes place between you and your registrar. They’ll probably email you before your renewal is due, to let you know which steps you need to follow to keep your domain name. But if you don’t hear from them, make sure you get in touch with them to arrange renewal.

You can find your renewal date, the registration status of your domain and look up your registrar’s details using our WHOIS search tool.

If your registrar does not renew your domain name with us before the expiry date, we’ll send an email to the contact email address held against the domain name. The email will contain your registrar’s contact details, so you can contact them about renewing the domain name.

Once you’ve gone over your expiry date, you’ll still have time to renew your domain before it gets cancelled, so there’s no need to panic. But if we don’t receive a renewal request within 30 days of the expiry date, we’ll suspend the domain name. This means all services that use that domain name, such as your website and email, will stop working. We’ll send you a suspension warning seven days before this happens, and will also send you a suspension notice when it takes place, unless your registrar has opted you out of receiving these. It’s still possible to renew your domain during this time.

When your domain has been suspended for 60 days without being renewed, we’ll schedule it for cancellation. We’ll send you one final reminder to renew your domain 83 days after the expiry date. As this is just seven days before your domain is scheduled for cancellation, you’ll have to act quickly if you wish to renew it at this last stage.

Once cancelled, the domain name will become instantly available to others who may wish to re-register it.

To access Online Services, login using the email address you used to register your domain name and the password you created. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to view all the domain names that have been registered with that email address.

If you haven’t logged in before, or you’ve forgotten your password, use the login page to request a password reset email to be sent to you. This will be sent to the email address you registered with your domain name and will contain a link to set up a new password.

If you don’t receive this password email, it might be that the email address you entered isn’t the one held with your domain name. If you’d like to check or update this email address, please get in touch with your registrar, who will be able to help you change your details. Please note: we won’t be able to send this password email to any address other than the one listed in your registration details.

If you no longer have accesses to the email address that we have listed for you and are unable to update this through your registrar, you can re-confirm your identity and contact details directly with us. The fee to re-confirm your identity and update the email address that we hold against your domain name is £10 plus VAT. View this page to re-establish ID –

Two factor authentication or 2FA is a two step verification process that provides an extra layer of security for your Online Services account. This is based on time based passcodes issued by authenticator applications. Google Authenticator is one application that is widely used and recommended by Nominet; another frequently used one is Authy.

By reducing the risk of an intruder or attacker gaining access to your Online Services account, 2FA provides a higher level of protection for you and your data.

See our Two Factor-Authentication User Guide for detailed information on:

  • up 2FA on Google Authenticator, logging in and adding/deleting devices
  • FAQs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Glossary

By default, registrant names and addresses for .uk domain names are not displayed on WHOIS listings.

If you would like to display the name and/or address for your domain, please do this through your registrar – they’ll be able to update the details we have for you.

Alternatively, you can update your details directly through your Online Services account.

Once logged in, please choose the relevant domain and in the ‘Contact’ section, choose ‘Edit’. At the foot of this page, you can then choose to have your name and/or address displayed on WHOIS search tool results.

If you wish to cancel a domain name you can do this using your Online Services account. You should only cancel a domain name if you are sure that you no longer need it.

Once a .UK domain name is cancelled it will be available immediately to be re-registered on a first-come, first-served basis by any applicant.

If you need to cancel a newly registered domain name you may not be able to do this immediately through your online service account. You can contact your registrar to discuss this or contact us for further advice.

A number of third level domain name registrations such as may also hold the rights of registration for the equivalent .uk domain name. If a domain name that holds such rights is cancelled, the right of registration for the .uk domain will also end, meaning the .uk domain name will be available for registration as well.

Once scheduled for cancellation the domain name will be removed from the register on the day of cancellation, at some point before midnight. The domain name will then be available for anyone to register.

Please contact your registrar to ensure that any domain name services that are no longer required are also cancelled.

Contact us

If you can’t find what you need using Online Services, or there’s something else you need help with, just give our customer support team a call on +44 (0) 1865 332244.