Public Benefit

Today, the internet is as much a part of our society as our homes and work places. And, by working to make sure it’s used as a force for good, we’re committed to it being a positive public benefit.

At the most basic level, we do this by providing a trusted online home for millions of British businesses. But we also try to maximise the positive impact of the internet in other ways.

Our public benefit priorities are:

  • To promote digital engagement: we want to ensure all businesses, organisations and individuals can reap the benefits of being online
  • To play our part to ensure the internet is safe and trusted
  • To apply technology to tackle long-standing challenges, exploring how emerging technologies can help communities

Profit with a purpose

Nominet is a public benefit company, with 20 years’ experience running one of the world’s largest country code registries, managing and running over 10 million domain names that end in .uk.

We understand the internet is always changing and have tasked ourselves with adapting, staying connected, secure and inclusive, to help create a vibrant digital future for our customers, partners and wider society.

Commercial success underpins our public benefit contribution. With the proceeds of our successful registry business, we have donated over £45m to tech for good initiatives helping over 10 million people.

Our focus is on initiatives that promote greater connectivity, inclusivity and security online.

Funded programmes

Nominet is directly involved in a number of initiatives that help to encourage and develop young peoples’ digital skills. These include Nominet Digital Neighbourhood, which offers training and paid work experience to digitally savvy youths connecting them with local SMEs to help them both prosper online. It is also a founding patron of the Prince’s Trust Online – its new online platform – and is a founding partner of the Micro:bit Foundation, both of which are also helping to advance digital skills for young people.

Nominet Trust, a charity founded and funded by Nominet, has pioneered social tech in the UK, investing in tech for good projects that tackle social challenges. The Trust has supported over 300 imaginative UK start-ups and social businesses driving social change using tech. Find out more about their projects here.

Find out more about Nominet Digital Neighbourhood here:

Internet Governance

We work closely with international organisations in the internet sphere, including the international body responsible for domain names, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), where matters of how the internet is run are discussed.