Celebrating Get Online Week 2023

16th October 2023

We are proudly supporting Get Online Week, the UK’s largest digital inclusion campaign powered by the digital inclusion charity and our partner, Good Things Foundation.

The campaign is taking place Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd October and sees thousands of community organisations across the UK from the National Digital Inclusion Network host local events to help people get online and get connected.

This time of the year provides us with an opportunity to raise the profile of digital inclusion and think about what we can do as organisations – and people – to help more people connect with others online and access essential digital services.

What is digital inclusion?

The United Nations defines it as “equitable, meaningful, and safe access to use, lead, and design of digital technologies, services, and associated opportunities for everyone, everywhere”.

As essential services, jobs, and social lives move increasingly online, a lack of digital skills and access can have a hugely negative impact on a person’s life. Good Things Foundation has found that it can lead to poorer health outcomes and a lower life expectancy, increased loneliness and social isolation, and reduced access to jobs and education. It also means paying more for essentials, financial exclusion, and an increased risk of experiencing poverty.

What is being done to tackle this problem?

Nominet supports Good Things Foundation with their combined model of free data (through the National Databank), devices (through the National Device Bank), and digital skills training (through Learn My Way). Earlier this year, we announced our £4.5m donation to Good Things Foundation to accelerate their strategy to fix the UK’s digital divide.

We recently spoke to Good Things Foundation, and our partner – and a member of the National Digital Inclusion Network – Getting Oxfordshire Online to hear about the importance of this week, the problem of digital exclusion, and the great work they do across the UK to help people.

How can I get involved?

Why not reach out to friends, family, neighbours and community to see if anyone needs help getting online? Can you help them find a local event happening during Get Online Week? Or help them sign up to Learn My Way, a free online platform that helps people learn the skills to use the internet?

6.9 million people in the UK will remain digitally excluded if nothing is done to help them – the time to act is now.

Follow Good Things Foundation on X/Twitter to follow the campaign and learn more by visiting their website.