Nominet and The Institute of Coding launch Click Start, a multi-million-pound programme to get 26,000 more people into digital careers

26th June 2023

Globally, the UK performs poorly when it comes to social mobility, as reported recently by Goldman Sachs. “Compared with other countries, the most disadvantaged in the UK are less likely to climb the income ladder and the economically advantaged tend to stay at the top,” the report says.

It’s this kind of inequality that makes organisations like The Institute of Coding all the more important, especially for people interested in working in the rapidly evolving technology sector.

This is why we’re proud to commit £12m funding for Click Start, a three-year programme that aims to break down the barriers that people face when entering the workforce or looking for a career change.

Click Start is a new partnership between ourselves and the Institute of Coding (IoC) which is led by University of Bath. It will provide people from underrepresented backgrounds with the tools, skills, experience and support they need to get jobs in the digital sector.

Paul Fletcher, CEO, Nominet commented: “This project aims to innovatively bridge this gap and get people from disadvantaged backgrounds into digital careers. It’s a national challenge that we are tackling in a local, targeted way through regional partners, really getting into the heart of communities across the UK.”

Click Start will also help to change the course of the UK’s growing digital skills shortage. Rachid Hourizi, Director of the IoC, said: “We are faced with the significant challenges of a digital skills and recruitment crisis, compounded by a fragile talent pipeline of insufficient growth and diversity. But thanks to Nominet’s funding, the IoC and its partners in education and industry can make a real impact through the design, build and scale of a programme that responds to these challenges. And we will do it in a way that specifically supports disadvantaged and under-represented groups of people looking to achieve their true potential in this field.”

There’s no one-shot approach to education because everyone is different, and that’s why Click Start will offer a range of courses and guidance.

Some learners will receive targeted online technical and professional skills training, employability skills modules, and portals to access further training and employment guidance. Others will need more extensive support, through personalised mentoring, pastoral support and engagement programmes provided by third-sector specialists.

Online course provider, Coursera, has designed and built a curated suite of up to 30 courses for the Click Start programme, with 18 available at launch, focusing on technical training, professional and personal skills courses. To find out more, click here.