Nominet helps Nottingham Playhouse improve accessibility and inclusion

19th March 2024

Nottingham Playhouse is a vibrant theatre company that provides live performances to the public as well as theatre groups, classes and workshops for budding performers of all ages and backgrounds. 

Cloud Artisans, a digital engagement consultancy specialising in arts and culture, nominated Nottingham Playhouse for funding through the Nominet Members’ GiveHub. 

Thanks to £5,000 in funding from the Nominet Members’ GiveHub, Nottingham Playhouse is now able to bring the stage to a more diverse audience. Here’s how. 

Championing digital access and inclusion – one performance a time 

The Playhouse plays an integral role in the Nottingham community and is committed to giving back through its work, helping to ensure everyone can experience the joy of theatre. 

Nottingham Playhouse was already leading the way with its digital access and inclusion programme, but to deliver this effectively, it needed specific technology to address potential barriers. 

Like many charities, ensuring sufficient funding can be an ongoing challenge – so we were delighted to be able to support the Playhouse with this technology and community-led initiative. 

“We couldn’t recommend Nominet enough for the help and support you provide. You’re always available to answer any questions and are a lovely group of people to work with.” 

– Olivia Wyatt, Project Lead, Cloud Artisans 

The show must go on: Bringing VR to the stage 

The team at Nottingham Playhouse believe that everyone should be able to enjoy its performances without barriers. 

The Members’ GiveHub funding has gone towards advanced technology for VR headsets – meaning that anyone who can’t physically attend a show can still immerse themselves in the theatre experience. 

The funding has also gone towards creating a new British Sign Language (BSL) brochure to further expand its audience and ensure everyone feels welcome and included at the Playhouse. In addition, a portion of the funding will go towards fees for interpreters. 

About the Nominet Members’ GiveHub 

The Nominet Members’ GiveHub provides members with the opportunity to nominate any UK-registered organisation to receive up to £10,000 in funding towards projects that align with our commitment to making the world more connected, inclusive and secure. A £50,000 fund is available every month. 

The GiveHub is a great way to give back to the community and make a real difference to people’s lives. We encourage as many members as possible to take part. 

“It was such an easy process and the impact is so great, so why not get involved?” 

– Olivia Wyatt, Project Lead, Cloud Artisans 

Thank you again to the team at Cloud Artisans who nominated Nottingham Playhouse for funding and enabled this important funding. 

The GiveHub panel is made up of up to seven volunteer member who work closely with the Membership Engagement team and applications are reviewed monthly. 

To find out how you can get involved with the Members’ GiveHub and start making an impact today, contact [email protected]. 

Image provided by Nottingham Playhouse