Nominet helps PACT to break the cycle of domestic abuse

9th November 2023

Members’ GiveHub helps to fund new digital platform for adoption and trauma charity

PACT is an adoption and trauma support charity that helps hundreds of families every year across London and the South East of England. In our second blog post about the positive impact of the Nominet Members’ GiveHub, we talk to Janice Galvin from the University of Reading who nominated the charity for funding.

The University of Reading put PACT (Parents and Children Together) forward for funding in November 2022. The charity was awarded £10,000 to complete an important project to develop and launch a new digital platform called Bounce, which is designed to help children and families affected by domestic abuse.

Philip Cook, Director of Business Development at PACT, explains why the project is needed: “Sadly, in the current climate and post pandemic, there has and will be a continued increase in domestic abuse in our society. The impact on children can be lifelong, with many children that have witnessed domestic abuse growing up going on to become abusers or victims themselves. Thanks to this funding, Bounce will be rolled out and can start to help more families and break the cycle of domestic abuse.

PACT - Bounce Platform - Children's Section

Image provided by PACT

Over a century of support for children

Established in 1911, PACT is one of the UK’s leading charities in its field. It’s dedicated to placing children with secure and loving families, supporting them through therapeutic services and helping children recover from domestic abuse.

Janice explains the reasons behind the funding nomination: “Their work with vulnerable people provides vital services within our community and we recognised that this project would deliver real impact to young people.”

She adds: “We applied in early November 2022 and the decision-making process was really quick. We found out about the funding in late November. The funds were then transferred across to PACT very swiftly afterwards.”

In the heart of the community

PACT has been connected to the University of Reading for a number of years. It’s a local charity based close to the campus which has been involved in research projects, as well as providing student volunteering and work experience opportunities.

Janice says: “It’s really pleasing when we can help make something important happen. We know this project will change lives. The university has a published strategy that places engagement with the community at its core. We are the university for Reading, as well as being in Reading. This is a great example of achieving things together.“

For other members who might be considering applying for funding, Janice has one piece of advice:Do it! The process is very straightforward and the impact of your application could be huge.”

More about the Nominet Members’ GiveHub

A £50,000 fund is available every month and members can apply for funding up to £10,000 per financial year, which can be awarded to any eligible UK-registered organisation for projects that align with our commitment to making the world more connected, inclusive and secure.

Applications are reviewed monthly by the GiveHub panel – a group of up to seven volunteers from the membership – who work with the Membership Engagement team.

To find out how you can get involved with the Members’ GiveHub and start making a difference, contact [email protected].

Images provided by PACT