We’re committed to treating everyone who registers with Nominet with respect and courtesy – and will do all we can to make sure you’re satisfied with the guidance and support we offer

We’re here to help

Sometimes, you may feel that we, a registrar, or one of our services has let you down. If this is the case, please let us know so we can try to fix things. Rest assured, we’ll make sure your complaint is fully investigated.

We have slightly different complaints processes depending on who your complaint is with.

  1. If your complaint is with us, and you feel our Customer Service Team was unable to resolve it, or you’re unhappy with our service, please follow the Nominet complaint process.
  2. If your complaint is about a member or your registrar rather than directly about us, please follow our Registrar complaint process.
  3. If you wish to complain about data in our WHOIS service, please follow our WHOIS data complaint process.
  4. If you wish to complain about the content of a website, please follow our Objecting to website content process.

Complaining about Nominet

When you have a complaint about Nominet, your first port of call should be our Customer Service Team. You can contact them on 01865 332244 or [email protected]. If you don’t feel they’ve resolved the issue, take your complaint to the Head of Service Delivery by emailing [email protected].

If you’d rather post us your complaint, the address is:​

Head of Service Delivery
Minerva House
Edmund Halley Road
Oxford Science Park

Our next steps

We’ll acknowledge your complaint within two working days of receiving it. We’ll then look into the issue and aim to respond within 10 working days. If it requires a longer investigation, we’ll get in touch within those 10 working days to let you know when you can expect us to respond.

If we don’t hear from you again within 20 days of our response, then we’ll consider the matter resolved. We keep all complaints on file to help us monitor the numbers and types of complaints we receive and, where needed, make changes to our systems and services in response to your feedback.

Taking your complaint further

You might feel that the response you received from our Head of Service Delivery didn’t resolve your complaint. In which case, you should escalate it to our Director of Marketing & Service Delivery.

When making an escalated complaint, please make sure you include full details of your complaint, including the reasons why you aren’t happy with how we’ve dealt with it so far. All complaints to our Director of Marketing & Service Delivery should be made in writing and emailed to [email protected]. They should include the following information:

  • Your name and contact details and tag/account information if appropriate
  • The domain name(s) concerned (if appropriate)
  • A clear description of your concern or complaint
  • What steps you would like us to take to resolve the issue

Please also remember to write ‘Complaint’ clearly in the subject line of your email. We’ll acknowledge your complaint within two working days, and come back to you with our final response within 10 working days. If we think it will take longer than this to look into it properly, we’ll get in touch within these 10 working days to let you know when you’ll get our final response.

Our commitment to our staff

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best service possible. And we’re also committed to providing our staff with a safe and appropriate working environment. They have the right to be treated with respect and courtesy. We will not accept instances of verbal, written or physical harassment or abuse of our staff.

If our staff are subjected to unacceptable actions or communications, we reserve the right to restrict or refuse access to our services (e.g. we may ask you to only correspond with us in writing or via a specific contact).

Have a suggestion or comment, rather than a complaint?

We always welcome feedback on any aspect of our policy, procedures or services – it helps us to see where we could do things differently. Please send any comments or suggestions to [email protected] – these will be passed on to the department or project team as soon as possible.

Complaining about a registrar

Registrars across the .uk market use a whole range of different operating models. So in many cases, if you aren’t happy with how your registrar works, the simplest thing to do is find one who is better suited to you. However, all registrars are required to comply with our Registrar Agreement, and if you believe your registrar has broken these terms, it’s important to let us know.

About our Registrar Agreement

The Registrar Agreement was written specifically to counter common subjects of complaint we received from registrants and registrars alike. These include:

  • Registrars not transferring domain names when requested
  • Registrars not making service and transfer charges clear on their websites or contract documents
  • Service timescales not being stated clearly
  • Registrars registering domain names in their own name without the explicit permission of the registrant
  • Resellers not providing the same level of service as the registrar to which they are contracted
  • Registrars not making registrants aware of our terms and conditions and how they impact on our relationship with both parties.

If you’ve experienced any of the problems above, or have been made aware that a Nominet registrar isn’t complying with the Registrar Agreement, we will investigate the complaint and take steps to remedy the situation. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Contact the registrar direct and ask them to resolve the issue.
  2. If the registrar doesn’t give you a satisfactory response, you can take the complaint to our Customer Services Team. Either call them on 01865 332244 or email to [email protected]. If you’re happy for us to pass on the information you supplied in your complaint to the registrar in question, we will investigate the issue and get back to you with our findings. We may ask you to sign a declaration that the information you supplied is accurate.
  3. If you’re not happy with how our Customer Services Team handle your complaint, please pass it on to the Head of Service Delivery at [email protected]. You can find out more about the Nominet complaints process, including how to take your complaint further.

Complaints not related to the Registrar Agreement

If your complaint is not about a breach of our Registrar Agreement, you should take it directly to the company you’re complaining about. If you don’t feel they resolve your complaint, one of the following authorities might be able to help you further:

Complaining about incorrect WHOIS data

Our WHOIS tool is a valuable source of information about .UK domains. To work effectively, it must meet the following criteria:

  • The information provided against a domain must be good enough to allow users to contact the registrant quickly, without having to find more information elsewhere
  • It must not be deceptive, and must clearly identify registrants
  • It must list a registrant name that, in legal terms, corresponds exactly with a legal entity with whom we have a contract.

If you believe the WHOIS record doesn’t meet these criteria for a specific domain, please send your complaint to [email protected]. Remember to include the domain name, the reason for the complaint and the fields of data you believe are incorrect, along with any further information you think will help us look into the matter.


Anyone can use the WHOIS to look up details about domain names. It shows the name of a particular domain name’s registrant and their address details – however, some people can opt out of including their address.

We have some specific rules about who can opt out of showing their address on the WHOIS. In order to opt out of publishing your address on the WHOIS:

  • You must be an individual (i.e. not a company, organisation, association etc); and,
  • The domain name must not be used:
    • to transact with customers (merchant websites); or
    • primarily to advertise or promote goods, services, or facilities.

How to opt out

If the above points apply to you, contact your registrar and ask them to do it for you. If you don’t know their contact details, you can find them by checking your domain name using the WHOIS. Alternatively, you can log into your Online Services account and select the opt-out button on the Account Summary page.

Incorrect opt out

If you believe a domain should have the registrant address listed on the WHOIS and it hasn’t, you can make a complaint. We’ll investigate all complaints to check domains comply with our opt out policy. If we agree that a domain has opted out incorrectly, their address details will be added back into the WHOIS

Objecting to website content

If you’re concerned about the content or use of a website, you should follow the four steps below to make your complaint:

Step 1 – Contact the person or organisation that registered the website

Use our WHOIS tool to find the registrant’s name and address to complain directly to them. Our WHOIS is only for .UK domains – if you want to look up other TLDs, look at the Internic WHOIS, and then at the WHOIS of the registrar that Internic indicates.

Step 2 – Contact the registrant’s agent or website host

If you’re not happy with the response from the registrant, contact their registrar. The WHOIS should list the contact details for the registrar of a particular domain name, or direct you to their website. If WHOIS doesn’t list their contact details, take a look at our list of registrars. The registrar will often be the website host too, or if not, may have alternative means of contacting the registrant.

Step 3 – What to do if they’ve concealed their identity

If you think the registrant name and address listed in the WHOIS isn’t detailed enough, or is wrong, please let us know. If they’re a non-trading registrant, they may have opted out of including their address in the WHOIS – but we can check if they comply with our opt out terms.

If you’re not satisfied with the response you get from the website owner or host, one of the following authorities may be able to help you more (although they may not be able to if the owner or host is based outside the UK):

Domain names used in connection with criminal activity

At this current time we do not have the authority to delete or suspend a .UK domain name except where specified in our registration terms and conditions.  This agreement does expressly prohibit any .UK domains being used for any unlawful purpose. If you believe that you have discovered a .UK domain that is being used for an unlawful purpose, we recommend that you follow one of these steps:

  1. Contact the registrar associated with the domain. You can find the registrar for .UK domains by performing a WHOIS search.
  1. Contact the police. If you believe that the activities on the domain are so serious that it is urgent to get it shut down, you should contact the police. We can suspend a domain name when alerted to its use for criminal activity by the police or other law enforcement agencies. You should report the domain to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre at You may at the same time consider whether to inform the domain name holder that you have contacted the police.
  1. Interim court order. If it is very urgent to get the domain name shut down, it is possible to get an interim court order. This is a legal action which is used to avoid damages or inconvenience until a legally binding court decision is made, something that usually takes a long time. If the website is operating illegally, we strongly recommend that you contact the police in these cases too.

If you have any other questions or need further advice  please email [email protected].