Results of the UKRAC election

26th July 2021

Voting for the UKRAC members representatives closed on 22nd July, thank you to all those of you who stood for election and who cast a vote.  

Civica Election Services (CES) has now counted and verified the votes and we are pleased to announce that the following Nominet members are elected to the UKRAC: 

Large Segment

  • Rex Wickham, TwentyTwentyMedia Limited (two years)
  • Arnaud Franquinet, Gandi (one year)

Mid-Small Segment

  • Andrew Bennett, Netistrar Ltd (two years)
  • Dan Rodgers, Domain Registrar Services Ltd (one year)

Independent Segment

  • Susannah Clark, Trading as ‘Girl Next Door’ (two years)
  • Ciprian Cucuruz, Webber Multimedia Ltd (one year)

Member-elected Non-Executive Director Anne Taylor will Chair the group, in line with the terms of reference set out by the members Design Group. 

Anne said: “I’m looking forward to working with the Council and helping ensure we establish strong lines of communication between the Council and the Board as we get underway. As a new group, I expect things to evolve as we meet and discuss how to make the most of our time together. In the meantime, congratulations to those elected – the Council will bring members together to discuss important issues and their views and input will help shape the key decisions affecting .UK.” 

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the process of designing, organising and supporting the establishment of the .UK Registry Advisory Council. 

We will update members when the date for the inaugural meeting is agreed.