Public benefit

Improving the lives of one million young people

The internet and digital technology have the power to transform lives by creating opportunities and providing support where it’s needed most. But they also have the power to leave young people behind. Our public benefit programmes provide support and opportunities to tackle some of the most important digital issues facing young people in the UK today.

We believe in a UK that is connected, inclusive and secure

Our Public Benefit strategy drives this ambition, formalising our social impact with a focus on initiatives that promote greater connectivity, inclusivity and security. We work to create lasting improvements by targeting a range of emerging issues born out of our digital age, such as online safety and digital inclusion. We also address long-standing social challenges in which technology can play a pivotal role.

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Our Connected programmes work to ensure young people have access to a life online:
Access to the internet

Critical Digital Services

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Our Inclusive programmes support young people in a digital society:
Digital Skills

Digital Inclusion

Digital Transformation

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Our Secure programmes focus on ensuring that young people are safe online:
Internet Safety

Countering harm

THIS IS HOW phone screen
THIS IS HOW podcast series

Providing a podcast and online platform to help inspire young people to opt for digital careers

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The Nominet #RESET Mental Health Programme

Resetting the system for digital mental health support

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Theory of Change

Measuring impact

Improving lives - our theory of change
Together with our partners we are committed to measuring the impact of our activities. We have developed an impact framework in partnership with TSIC that puts young people at the heart of a world increasingly digital-by-default.

One million young people by 2020
Through our partners and programmes we will also be reporting on our progress towards reaching and supporting 1 million young people by 2020.
Read the latest Social Impact Report to find out how we are advancing towards our goal.


Cutting edge programmes through Design Thinking

For the social themes we tackle - we explore the real-life issues and barriers affecting young people before designing and building initiatives that can make a positive and lasting difference. Whilst every programme is different, most often they contain these four stages to ensure the initiatives we develop and support have the best chance of succeeding.

Our Work

Our work is supported by the proceeds of our core business providing a trusted online home for millions of businesses and keeping over 11 million domains ending in .UK safe and secure with our cyber security services. To date, we have donated over £47M to tech-for-good initiatives that have helped and supported over 10 million people.

Public Benefit 2019/20

Improving the lives of 1 million young people through technology