Consultation opens on significant changes to .UK registry systems

29th January 2024

We have launched a new consultation on proposed changes to the technical systems and processes our registrars and registrants use to register and manage .UK domains.   

The technical systems that administer .UK domains are predominantly bespoke and have evolved over time.  To support gTLD and ccTLD clients, we developed a second platform that uses Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP).  Now, it is time to bring these two systems together in a modernised codebase to align with global domain industry standards, improve the customer experience, increase security and deliver efficiencies. This also gives the opportunity for our members to identify what they believe works well, and what could also be improved.  

Eleanor Bradley, Managing Director, Registry, Nominet said:

From initial discussions with stakeholders in 2022, we’ve developed detailed proposals on the changes we would like to makeWe recognise these are significant, but if they go ahead, we will deliver a platform that is easier to use and simpler to maintain. We encourage our members to read the proposals and give us feedback, which we will take into account with the changes we make, and how they are implemented.

The consultation is open until 26 April 2024 and is your opportunity to shape our future plans before we commit to changes. More information and the consultation documents are available on Registrar Resources and the Nominet website. Registration for stakeholder events is also open. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].