Unveiling a new era of cyber security collaboration across Europe

19th September 2023

In a world where cyber security threats are evolving at an unprecedented pace, the need for a unified front has never been more critical. We’re proud to be playing our part in the first European Top-Level Domain Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (EUR TLD ISAC) – a new initiative to fortify the cyber security landscape across Europe.

Serving as a focal point for top-level domain operators, the scheme aims to collectively mitigate cyber threats by strengthening cyber security capabilities and resilience. Work has begun with the launch of its website, which is part of a wider ecosystem to share threat intelligence, emerging trends and best practices among domain registry operators, security experts and other stakeholders.

An urgent and important initiative

The TLD ISAC is a result of work by CENTR, the association of European country code top-level domain registries. Strategic oversight is provided by a Steering Committee consisting of the founding members, which includes Nominet.

Paul Lewis, CISO of Nominet, has been appointed as Chair of the TLD ISAC Steering Committee. He underscored the pressing need for collaboration in the area of cyber security:

“There is a new cyber threat every day, some of which take advantage of DNS systems. And we have a responsibility as top-level domain operators across the continent to collaborate and tackle these risks head on. This ISAC is incredibly valuable as it gives us a platform to share our collective challenges, and the knowledge, thoughts, and best practices needed to face these. By taking this proactive approach, we can set a positive example for the TLD operator industry.”

Getting the ball rolling

The TLD ISAC is a significant milestone in the collective fight against cyber threats in Europe. By fostering a culture of trust, transparency and partnership, the initiative aims to protect the critical infrastructure of the digital economy.

“As a society, we rely on a secure internet and it’s important that we keep pace with the ever-changing threat landscape,” said Chris Davies, Lead Security Architect at Nominet.

“The TLD ISAC is such a useful forum for us to collaborate and share threat intelligence knowledge with our industry peers, against common adversaries, to ensure we are all working together towards a common goal of keeping the internet secure.”

To mark the launch, the TLD ISAC The website will feature a resource library with content drafted by the working group. An article on measuring the maturity level marks the launch of the website, two more articles – one on DDOS attacks on authoritative servers and the use of firewalls, the other on unpatched DNS servers on internal networks – will follow soon.

Additionally, the first annual EUR TLD ISAC conference is scheduled for 13 November 2023 in Brussels, focusing on threat intelligence sharing and capacity building.

You can keep up with developments on the TLD ISAC website, LinkedIn and Twitter.