Update on policy consultations

8th October 2013

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our two recent consultations – the review of the .uk Registrar Agreement and the proposed opening up of .uk registrations at the second level. We also wish to encourage contributions to the review of .uk registration policy.

Review of the .uk Registrar Agreement

Thank you to all who took time to read proposals and give feedback. We have received 60 consultation responses, as well as a range of feedback from stakeholder meetings, emails, two roundtable sessions and two webinars.

We have also recently received a petition regarding the draft domain expiry provisions in the proposed agreement. All of this feedback will be considered by the Board.

We are now in the process of collating the feedback and plan to publish submissions in November where permission has been given to do so.

Our aim is to finalise a new Registrar Agreement prior to the end of the calendar year. We will give 30 days’ notice before the agreement comes into force with a six-month transition period to help registrars.

Registration of second level domain names

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to read the proposals and respond. We received 313 consultation responses, as well as feedback from four roundtable sessions, stakeholder meetings, emails and a webinar.

The feedback will be reviewed by our Board at their next meeting on 29th October. Once a decision has been reached on the way forward, we will publish submissions, where permission has been given to do so, and an assessment of the impact of the current proposal. We expect to publish our update in early November.

Review of .uk registration policy

We are also continuing to seek contributions from the public for our review of registration policy for .uk domain names. The scope of the review, launched on 9 September, focuses on whether there should be restrictions on the words and expressions permitted in .uk domain name registrations.