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When to use the DRS

You can use the Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) to help resolve .uk domain name disputes. Disputes may arise for a variety of reasons. They might be based on trademark law, or because of a breach of an earlier agreement, or because the domain name has been registered by a company that is seeking to benefit fraudulently through exploiting a domain name – perhaps through a similar spelling, for example.

We established the DRS because we have to accept .uk domain name registrations on a “first-registered, first-served basis”. It is not possible for us to examine each new .uk domain application because we receive over 100,000 new registrations per month.

In a DRS case, we act as a neutral body helping the parties to find a solution. If that is not possible, we arrange for an independent expert decision to settle the dispute. We provide the Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) as a cheaper and quicker alternative to court for dealing with these disputes.

You should use the DRS if:

  • you have rights in a name or mark similar to the domain name
  • the registration or use of the domain name took unfair advantage of your rights - making it an 'abusive registration'; and there is no legal action going on

If you want to pursue a complaint through the DRS you should:

You should not use the DRS if you want:

  • a court injunction, financial compensation or to recover your legal costs. You may always pursue such claims using the courts, however you should take your own independent legal advice
  • to complain about a domain name which Nominet doesn’t manage, such as .com, .net, .org etc. (see for information about their ‘UDRP’ system)
  • to complain about your ISP or are trying to change registration agent or registrar (refer to ‘change registrar’ on our web site)
  • to complain about offensive content hosted on a website (see our guidance on objecting to content)
  • to complain about Nominet (see our complaints procedure)
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