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Your details

When registering a domain name through your registrar and throughout the life of the registration, it is important that you supply complete and up to date information for the person, business or organisation that is the registrant of the domain name. You will also need to provide your contact address and email address. The contact address must be good for receiving written communications and will be published on our public domain name look up service, WHOIS. The email address will not be published but will be used for all communications sent out by us to you regarding your domain name.

Why do I need to do this?

It is important to know the individual, business or organisation who is responsible for a domain name. Trust in UK domain names is strong with 81% of consumers saying they would choose a UK domain over .com when searching or buying online. This means that when people look at your online presence they want to know where you are based and will be reassured to see your address published on our domain lookup service. We regularly check that the details associated with a domain name are correct. If your details become out-of-date or invalid, we will contact you by email to ask you to update or amend the details that we hold for you, otherwise you risk losing your domain name.

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