Nominet Digital Futures

Encouraging debate for a vibrant digital future

Nominet Digital Futures is a project that seeks to encourage debate on what matters most as we shape our digital future in the UK. Our approach is rooted in the view that technology is a force for good, ambition is necessary and that priorities must be clear. Our sentiment research projects will help identify priorities for a UK that is connected, inclusive and secure.

Complacency could leave Brits at risk

Brits trust themselves to stay safe online, but how safe are they? Our latest Digital Futures Security research finds out.

Back to school tech resolutions

As a new academic year begins, young people call for changes in how technology is tackled in schools
a) Review school smartphone policies
b) Lessons on social media

Brits want reliability over speed

Our latest Digital Futures research found that Brits would prefer consistently reliable connectivity over access to ultra-fast speeds.

Today’s youth, tomorrow’s internet

The UK’s young people know the internet is the future, but how do they really feel about it? A new Nominet Digital Futures Report.

group of teenagers on laptops
Britain's young people have their say on our digital future

Nominet Digital Futures report shows young people are optimistic yet prudent about the value technology brings to the world.

More than 2.7m parents share family photos with strangers

New data released by Nominet on Safer Internet Day finds that parents are jeopardising their children’s privacy with poor social media sharing habits.

Teachers lose teaching time due to social media and phones

Secondary school teachers lose an average of 17 minutes every day to social media related classroom disruption, the equivalent of 86 minutes every week, and over 11 days every year

Consumers call for new restrictions and licences on drones

Brits want a new body to be set up to better register and regulate the use of drones in the public domain.

Gen Z-ers say social media negatively affects their health

Majority of teachers (72%) think children should be taught social media etiquette & ethics, but only a third of schools do so.

digital world
Digital generation gap remains wide open

Millennials are digitally capable, but Baby Boomer and Pre-war generations struggle to complete basic online tasks and risk getting left behind.

British parents steering daughters away from jobs in tech

On International Girls in ICT Day, Nominet research uncovers parental gender bias for children’s career choices.

woman touching diagram on futuristic screen
Girls in IT: State of the Nation

To mark International Girls in ICT day, Nominet has created a snapshot of how female talent is being developed in the UK.

hand holding various devices
Children will feature in almost 1,000 online photos by age 5

On average 973 photos are posted online by a child’s fifth birthday, equating to an average of 195 photos shared by parents every year.