Dynamic Spectrum Management

Global internet traffic is expected to triple over the next five years.

The majority of this traffic will come from wireless devices such as smartphones and the IoT. The wireless spectrum that enables this connectivity is already in short supply, and is nearing the theoretical limits of its capacity. If the current licensing model is maintained, demand for spectrum will outstrip supply over the next decade. Should this growth continue, it will be necessary to adopt new models for allocating spectrum.

What is dynamic spectrum management?

Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) is an approach to improve the efficiency of wireless spectrum usage with a centrally co-ordinating database. The majority of the spectrum is under used, by understanding the current and intended usage, DSM enables it to be utilised more efficiently than a single-user approach. Using a geo-location database containing details of assets and rules, DSM enables spectrum to be allocated in real-time based on the location of the user and other considerations such as radio parameters and type of usage.

What are the benefits of dynamic spectrum management?

• Improves efficiency of spectrum use
• Opens up new market opportunities
• Enables wireless advancements for businesses

TV White Space

TV white space (TVWS) is the name given to parts of the wireless spectrum that were freed up during the digital TV switchover. Using DSM to manage the usage of the spectrum, TVWS radios offer broadband speeds over several kilometres and the signal can travel through permanent obstacles such as buildings and trees, as well as around terrain.

TVWS is free for anyone to use and build their own network. Given the appealing characteristics of TVWS it is well suited for a range of uses, including providing broadband connectivity to rural communities, delivering wireless connectivity across campuses, and connecting IoT devices.

UK TV White Space Geo-Location Database

We offer an Ofcom-approved geo-location database, which is required for TVWS services in the UK. The database has been tested with all major radio manufacturers and is able to perform smart allocation of channels.

Network Operator Tools

We offer tailored support for potential or existing TVWS network operators, including:

  • Use case evaluation
  • Spectrum availability studies
  • Link feasibility assessments
  • Network deployment advisory services
  • Radio planning tools

Regulatory Advisory Services

Using our experience of co-developing the UK TVWS regulatory framework and deploying live TVWS networks, we are ideally positioned to advise regulators on developing policy and deploying databases for dynamic spectrum management on TVWS as well as other wireless bands.

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