MMX releases .luxe gTLD designed to support Ethereum blockchain


Oli Hope, Director of Registry Services

As registry services provider to Minds + Machines Group (MMX), Nominet is pleased to be supporting MMX’s innovative use of their new global top-level domain (gTLD) .luxe – a TLD with a difference.

.luxe is the first open TLD to integrate with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), enabling a .luxe domain name to be easily associated with an asset on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open software platform based on the blockchain technology that is revolutionising online transactions across the world, attracting a growing number of users and developers to the platform.

Blockchains are open, distributed digital ledgers of transactions or records linked using cryptography, meaning those transactions or records are by nature resistant to being modified. Originally created to securely log financial transactions for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, blockchains can also be used for a variety of other purposes, such as smart contracts or decentralised apps.

The benefit of a .luxe domain is that it “Lets U Xchange Easily”; it mirrors the huge benefits of the Domain Name System (DNS) – using names as shorthand for complex numerical web addresses. Each .luxe domain can act as a short, simple identifier for an Ethereum asset (e.g. a cryptocurrency wallet) by being mapped to its unique, 40-character identifier, called a hash. People are far more likely to remember, for example, than a cumbersome 40-character hash.

Ethereum already operates its own internal name space – ENS – with nearly 300,000 .eth names registered in the last year. This allows users to adopt normal words or names (e.g. exchange.eth) as identifiers for hashes, but these names are only usable within the Ethereum environment.

With the ability of .luxe to link ENS users to the internet (all .eth owners are being given the opportunity to register the corresponding .luxe string during a special limited registration period), usage of the Ethereum blockchain is set to increase.

A .luxe domain for everyone and everything

As well as linking to Ethereum assets, .luxe domains are in every other respect identical to other gTLDs. This ushers in a new world for Ethereum users – they can use a new .luxe domain name for their websites, email and any other internet-based activity, building a .luxe brand for themselves.

The .luxe domain name doesn’t have to be used in conjunction with Ethereum. If other interested individuals or companies – for example, luxury brands – want to have their own exclusive identity, they can register .luxe domain names as well.

MMX and Nominet partnership

For the last three years Nominet has served as the registry service provider for MMX, handling back-end technical registry functions for MMX’s substantial portfolio of gTLDs. The release of .luxe, which will run on Nominet’s platform, aligns with Nominet’s own focus on protecting the security of the .UK internet and embracing technological innovations like blockchain.

DNS and ENS integration plays a vital role in keeping DNS relevant to blockchain entrepreneurs, as well as facilitating the adoption of Ethereum blockchain. Nominet is exploring how to continue innovating in this area within its Emerging Technologies division.

Further information on the .luxe launch is available at