Registry Domain Name System
(DNS) Services

To stay secure online – and in business – you need a reputable, trusted DNS provider.

Our registry DNS products provide robust, scalable and cost-effective solutions to ensure your TLD is resilient and secure. With DNS expertise that underpins a sophisticated cyber-security capability used by the UK Government and global enterprises, and an infrastructure that supports the entire UK economy, you can rest assured our network security is unmatched.

Keep your TLDs running seamlessly and securely with our suite of world-leading DNS products:

  • Emergency Registry DNS Service (ER-DNS)
    Always on standby to combat catastrophic registry DNS failure. Think tech outages or natural disasters.
  • Registry Secondary DNS (RS-DNS)
    A secondary service, used in parallel with other active nameservers, that accelerates resolution and adds resilience. Updated straight from the master server.
  • Registry Public DNS (RP-DNS)
    A complete, authoritative public DNS service, updated straight from your hidden master. Can be used as an optional secondary service.
  • Registry Public Signed DNS (RPS-DNS)
    Removes the complexity of DNSSEC-signing your TLD. Takes an unsigned zone from your hidden master, signs it, and serves it up.

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Services offered for Nominet products

Feature      ER - DNS
Standby | Active
Global Anycast nameserver network
Number of logical nameservers4244
Primary DNS optionX
Secondary DNS optionXX
Registry Operator signed DNSSEC supportedX
Nominet signed zoneXX
Zone updates via notify
Zone synchronisation error alerts
Emergency activation from live standby
Fault reporting 24/7/365
Zone copy retained daily for last 7 days for emergency options
Monthly reportsX         |         ✔
Dedicated account manager
Carbon footprint offset annually through certified schemes
Additional add-on services being developed

Why Nominet?

  • Sophisticated DNS expertise
    Our expertise in the DNS helps to protect some of the biggest global enterprises and underpins our work with UK and Australian Governments to protect vital services from cyber-attack.
  • Experience and expertise
    We’ve been operating at the heart of the internet for over 25 years running one of the world’s largest country code registries – .uk.
  • Tried and trusted
    We manage the DNS for over 65 TLDs, including .wales, .pharmacy and .bentley, and have been repeatedly selected by ICANN as one of only three Emergency Back End Registry Operators (EBERO) worldwide.
  • A force for good
    As a public benefit company, we invest in ambitious programmes that improve the digital lives of young people.

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