Dot Brand Domains

A dot brand domain is a type of generic TLD that enables you to put your brand name to the right of the dot in a domain name, like or

This unique opportunity was launched by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, who opened the first application round for securing a new generic TLD in 2012. As well as applying for a dot brand domain, a range of new gTLD types were allocated:

  • Geographic gTLDs aimed at serving different regions, e.g. .london, .tokyo .wales
  • Professional gTLDs, catering for different professions, e.g. .pharmacy, .jobs, .realtor

For enterprise level organisations, the big story is dot brands.

As one of the world’s largest domain name registries, we supported some of the world’s biggest brands in securing, launching and running their dot brand domain.

ICANN expects to open the next application round in the second quarter of 2026, giving you the opportunity to apply for your dot brand domain for the first time in more than ten years.

With over 25 years’ experience running one of the world’s largest country code registries and proven success in setting up and managing multiple TLDs on our world class infrastructure, you can be confident that we’ve the right expertise to support you through the process.

Find out how Nominet can support your dot brand or new gTLD application.

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Why dot brand?


Heightened security

Dot brands are only available to approved applicants –customers can browse with confidence in your authenticity, knowing only your brand can register a dot brand domain.


Enhanced customer experiences

With a level of analytics only available to Registry Operators, you can optimise user experience for more personalised, effective customer journeys.


Accelerate your agility

Create as many domains as you like, without additional registration fees or domain name unavailability– ideal for short-term campaign pages or for distinguishing different areas of your business.

How to get your dot brand or new open generic TLD

Unlike traditional domain names, a new dot brand or open generic TLD needs to be applied for and approved by ICANN before it is allocated. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Choose a partner to help you prepare your application, or ask us to suggest one.
  2. As a pre-approved Registry Services Provider, we’ll work with your partner to apply for your chosen TLD once the application window opens.
  3. ICANN will consider your application.
  4. Once your application is approved, we’ll set the technical configuration of your new TLD and onboard your TLD onto our infrastructure.
  5. We’ll support you with world-leading technical expertise and customer service, so the delegation of your new TLD and its ongoing management runs smoothly and securely.

Process liable to change at ICANN’s discretion.

Discover Dragon

By partnering with us, you’ll have access to our innovative, intuitive self-serve registry management platform to manage your TLDs.


Why Nominet

  • Experience and expertise
    Back in 2012, we were at the inception of dot brand and new open generic TLDs, supporting the .wales and .cymru applications through to delegation and beyond on our robust infrastructure. We’re also responsible for running the infrastructure for leading global organisations such as .pharmacy, .bentley and .gucci.
  • Tailored approach
    We’re not vertically integrated, so we can work with any partner or recommend one to fit you – with support levels set to suit you.
  • Tried and trusted
    We’ve been repeatedly selected by ICANN as one of only three Emergency Back End Registry Operators (EBERO) worldwide.
  • A force for good
    As a public benefit company, we invest in ambitious programmes that improve the digital lives of young people.


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