Get Your .Geo

You are now able to select from over 1,100 new domain extensions including geographical locations, and this list is set to grow. Claim your piece of the internet for your community or region. Any public or private organisation can apply for a new domain extension.

What is a geo?

A geo domain extension is exactly as it sounds, it’s a TLD to represent a region such as .miami, .wales and .bayern. This is different from the traditional country codes such as .uk, .de, .ca which are the two letter identifier reserved for a country, sovereign state, or dependent territory.

Why go geo?

As website extensions become more diverse consumers will be looking for more choice to find the right home on the web for their community. This is your opportunity to create an online space for your region to thrive. You could even set eligibility criteria, providing additional credibility to local businesses, helping to fly the flag for your community on a global platform.

What can you do with geo?

  • By securing your own .geo, you are providing an online platform for local projects to showcase themselves and identify with a specific region such as local parks, community centres or charity events.

  • With your .geo, local campaigns can be promoted to clearly identify projects with the local area, such community action groups or upcoming election campaigns.

  • Making your .geo accessible for local businesses for example shops or restaurants, enables them to clearly identify with the region as well as making it easier for visitors to find amenities in the area.

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