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Although the internet is more far reaching than ever, a large proportion of the world still doesn’t have the advantage of a satisfactory internet connection. It’s not specifically a rural issue, or a developing world issue; even some inner-city regions are struggling to achieve speeds needed to enable today’s internet uses.

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premises in UK rural areas are unable to receive speeds above 10Mbps (2017, Ofcom)

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of premises in the rest of Europe are unable to receive speeds above 30Mbps

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people in developing countries are not connected to the internet today

Next generation telecom infrastructure requires a strategic investment in fibre and wireless solutions. TV White Space is a cost-effective technology that can already be implemented today. It can create two-way communications at high-data rates over long distances, through many obstacles, enabling connectivity over large areas where it would be inconvenient to deploy traditional fixed and wireless infrastructure.

map showing successful rollouts of TV White Space around the world
Rollouts of TV White Space

There have been many successful rollouts of TV White Space around the world. Here’s a map of the countries with TV White Space regulations already in place, with more countries close to regulation.

The first commercial deployment in the UK took place on the Isle of Arran, just off the coast of Scotland. Residents were unable to receive attachments or make video calls, let alone run businesses – TV White Space now delivers fast connectivity all over the island.

Isle of Arran Case Study

I had to ask people sending emails never to put an attachment… but now we can get photos, [even] get videos of the grandchildren playing

Elizabeth Rose, Isle of Arran Resident.

If you would like to explore TV White Space connectivity for your region, here are a number of wireless network operators we recommend.

Nominet works with ISPs to help deliver TV White Space solutions. WaveDB is the foundation of these solutions, enabling TV White Space networks to identify and use the best of the available spectrum.

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