We are driven by a commitment to improve connectivity, security and inclusivity online. We have been at the forefront of technology for over 20 years and believe new approaches to spectrum management can bring about economic and social change. We are looking for partners to explore these new approaches and whether you’re a regulator, network operator or hardware manufacturer, dynamic spectrum management can revolutionise connectivity in the regions you serve.

The radio spectrum is a finite resource in each country, traditionally assigned through administrative licensing, enabling Network Operators to own and transmit over specific bands. Without embracing new technological advancements and commercial approaches, demand will soon outstrip supply.

We are passionate in our approach to spectrum sharing and are looking for relationships to explore the benefits of spectrum management and sharing around the world.

As a leading wireless ISP you are looking for new and innovative ways to grow your client base. TV White Space with WaveDB can do just that. Over a large proportion of your country, connecting remote customers at satisfactory speeds either is not possible or prohibitively expensive. TV White Space is a tried and tested approach to providing rural communities with fast broadband, cost effectively and efficiently.

Our planning tools will show you the availability of TV White Space spectrum in a country, for example Germany (below). Overlaying this with social demographic data and current connectivity availability will help you identify where TV White Space will improve connectivity.

Map of Germany showing TVWS availability

TV White Space is available to at least 90% of households across Germany.

Map showing TVWS relative opportunity in Germany

The darkest areas in the map have the most TV White Space bandwidth available, combined with the most households without access to adequate broadband.


We offer strategic partnerships, exploring the feasibility of dynamic spectrum sharing for your region. Our team of experts will help you navigate and customise DSA model rules so that you can make better use of spectrum, for social benefit and additional revenue. We offer:

• Innovative approach to connectivity
• Use case evaluation
• Spectrum availability studies
• Link feasibility assessments
• Network deployment advisory services
• Radio planning tools

We work with leading radio manufacturers who use our dynamic database tools to ensure their radios connect to the most efficient band, improving reliability, availability and throughput. WaveDB also tracks usage and offers rich data otherwise not available in live deployments. It is the missing piece of your dynamic spectrum solution and essential to a successful rollout.

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