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Dynamic spectrum management improves the efficiency of wireless spectrum usage. Use WaveDB - Nominet’s cloud-based database and tools.

Wave DB

The majority of the spectrum is underused. Understanding current and intended use, then managing access dynamically, means more efficient spectrum usage than allocating on a purely exclusive basis. Using a geolocation database with details of assets and rules, dynamic spectrum management enables spectrum to be allocated in real-time based on location, radio parameters and usage.

WaveDB is a cloud-based system designed to answer the needs of country regulators and network operators. The platform supports multiple frequency bands and regulatory frameworks.

WaveDB enables you to

  • Connect more citizens to the internet
  • Protect incumbent users from interference
  • Enforce usage of authorised devices only
  • Monitor spectrum usage
  • Manage a variety of different spectrum ranges

The WaveDB platform enables spectrum sharing, whatever the band. Although TV White Space is currently the most common example of WaveDB usage, it will soon support CBRS and 5G and is fully customisable for other sharing and licensing agreements.

Alongside live deployments we have developed a set of sophisticated mapping, planning and wide-scale spectrum investigation tools to help plan and deploy successfully.

Assessing the benefits

How will spectrum sharing benefit your country?

Our planning tools will show you the availability of TV White Space spectrum in a country, for example Germany (below). Overlaying this with social demographic data and current connectivity availability will help you identify where TV White Space will improve connectivity.

Map of Germany showing TVWS availability

TV White Space available to at least 90% of households across Germany.

Map showing TVWS relative opportunity in Germany

The darkest areas in the map have the most TV White Space bandwidth available, combined with the most households without access to adequate broadband.

We can complete a similar feasibility study for any country to ensure the solution is viable in your region. To do this we need to understand the following:

  • Terrain
  • Clutter
  • Population
  • TV transmitters
  • Radio mic users
  • Radio astronomy
  • Protected geographic areas

By consulting the database early you can:

icon of clock

Reduce time to market

icon of report with tick

Customise framework for local policy & regulation

icon of three sliding dials

Reduce time by testing rules in simulation

icon of tablet device

Enable manufacturers to start integration in advance

icon of graph showing increase

Maximize availability

icon of DNS server

Benefit from enforcement & enablement functions


Nominet recommend an agile approach to dynamic spectrum rollout to allow for testing and fine-tuning.

TVWS Diagram
  1. Agree concept with key stakeholders
  2. Set-up database, run pilots and design framework
  3. Review with key stakeholders and approve framework
  4. Launch

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