Tech for Good

Connectivity, inclusivity and security for our world

We want a world that is connected, inclusive and secure, and believe that technology has a fundamental and positive part to play. And we back our beliefs with action. We’ve invested over £49M in tech for good projects to date, and our ambitious public benefit programme will improve the lives of one million young people.

The one million programme is funded by our work at the heart of the internet infrastructure. We are proud of the contribution that we make  – as a responsible business, as advocates for a vibrant digital future, and as creators of technology used to tackle challenges around the world.

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Public Benefit

We are a Profit with a Purpose business. Our aim is to improve the lives of 1 million people a year.

Our Public Benefit work
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Vibrant Digital Future

We back initiatives that help deliver a vibrant digital future.

Delivering a Vibrant Digital Future

Spectrum Management

rural tech

Interested in the challenge of bringing broadband to hard to reach communities, Nominet developed a suite of tools capable of supporting the rollout of TV White Space technology. Central to that work was developing the ability to plan and manage wireless spectrum on a dynamic, real time basis, improving the efficiency of available bandwidth.

Today, the technology is used by industry specialists to support ongoing TV White Space programmes internationally.